Mutilation Station Wants You To Pirate Their Music

Mutilation Station has released a statement regarding the recent release of their album ‘Catastrophic Failure’, and is now encouraging fans to pirate their music.
“Pirating is like stealing” says the band “and stealing is fucking metal”.

The band has started directing fans on how they may download free copies of the album and is encouraging fans to upload the album to torrenting websites such as thepiratebay so that other people can steal it too.

The album remains available for purchase on bandcamp, spotify, itunes, and numerous other media platforms and streaming services. The band has noted that they hope to see a significant loss in potential sales due to piracy.

Image from the band’s Instagram

Mutilation Station’s Bass Player Arrested

Mutilation Station ( has confirmed the recent rumors that their bass player (Al Jorgens) was recently arrested after a fistfight with a Canadian police officer.

The fight broke out after a routine traffic stop in which the band member purportedly told the officer to “eat sh*t” and tried to drive away while the officer was in the process of letting him off with a warning.

When asked for comment the other band members were quoted as saying “who cares, bass players are useless anyways”.

The band has indicated that this will not interfere with their scheduled tour in 2044, and that fans should “keep buying our music”.

Article by Brian Johnson of Single Second Studios’ news team

Mutilation Station wants to put accusations of plagiarism to rest

After circling reports that death metal band ‘Mutilation Station’ has plagiarized the album cover for their recent single ‘Fuck You’ – several band members have come forward to put these rumors to rest.

“We didn’t steal sh*t” says bass player (Paul Newman). “I’m tired of all of these false accusations. You can’t prove anything”.

Adding some difficulty to the investigation; the band had conflicting accounts of where the album cover actually originated from.

“Yeah we stole it” singer Fred Johnson commented in an earlier interview. “I mean wait no, no we didn’t steal it”.

No one has thus far been able to identify where the cover has originated from, but the band has claimed they are confident that they will get away with it.

“No one listens to our music anyways. We can pretty much get away with whatever we want” -quote from Don Crosby-Crosbinson Donston; lead guitarist of Mutilation Station. Adding “plagiarism is badass”.

Image: alleged “stolen” album cover

Article by Brian Johnson of Single Second Studios’ news team

You can’t hear this song

Mutilation Station says they wrote the “best song of all time” for their latest release: Catastrophic Failure, but you can’t hear it.

Mutilation Station’s upcoming release – Catastrophic Failure is soon to be released on Spotify and other platforms, but the band says the best song on the album – ‘Don’t Listen To This’ is a hidden bonus track on the album that is not actually available for listen anywhere on the internet.

The band reports that they recorded this song as part of their upcoming release and decided it would be best to keep this track as not just a hidden track – but one that no one is actually able to hear.

When asked for comment, the band mentioned that the song will never be made available online and have indicated that they enjoy the thought of listening to a song that no one else is allowed to hear.

Article by Brian Johnson of Single Second Studios’ news team