You can’t hear this song

Mutilation Station says they wrote the “best song of all time” for their latest release: Catastrophic Failure, but you can’t hear it.

Mutilation Station’s upcoming release – Catastrophic Failure is soon to be released on Spotify and other platforms, but the band says the best song on the album – ‘Don’t Listen To This’ is a hidden bonus track on the album that is not actually available for listen anywhere on the internet.

The band reports that they recorded this song as part of their upcoming release and decided it would be best to keep this track as not just a hidden track – but one that no one is actually able to hear.

When asked for comment, the band mentioned that the song will never be made available online and have indicated that they enjoy the thought of listening to a song that no one else is allowed to hear.

Article by Brian Johnson of Single Second Studios’ news team

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